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These days, you could say no-one need be without a blog unless they don’t actually want one, partly because there now exist numerous tools for publication in blogs which are available for use free of charge.

One of the most popular is Blogger, which has benefited since 2003 from being guaranteed, supported and improved by Google, who bought the service back then.

Blogger has a long history to back it up, meaning that its large number of features and all their advantages have been put to the test and improved by Google over the years.

Blogger stores its contents on its own server, so that there is no need to worry about configuring your own one. Equally, though, if you have a domain of your own, you can configure it to be managed by Blogger.

There are a great many templates with which you can personalize your blog’s look. Additionally, if you have the relevant skills, you can also edit the style sheets to personalize it even further.

The process of blog creation is very simple. There are just three simple steps to complete to start writing your first article.

Complementary tools include a panel for moderating comments, an import/export tool, OpenID support and the power to block access by assigning permission.

In the design section you can customize the blog’s structure, adding or eliminating modules: labels, followers, search, images, videos, slideshows, surveys, blogroll, subscription links, blog archive and a huge number of modules containing other services, such as Flickr, Twitter and Digg.

From the same design section you can also edit the blog’s styles and even edit the HTML template.

Also very noteworthy is the fact that Google has devoted a module not unlike the design one or the publication one to the marketing side of the blog, allowing you easily to add Adsense to the blog.
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